About our farm

The ʻĀina Exotics farm is a tropical and exotic fruit farm (10.5 acres total with about 6 acres in production). We are located in the town of Pāpaʻaloa on the Big Island, Hawaiʻi. The farm is at about 500 feet elevation on the wet side of this volcanic island. This means we can grow a huge variety of tropical food crops and subtropical plants. Here on the Hāmākua coast we are also blessed with lots of rainfall, fresh air and feet and feet of soil. 

Our land has rich a sugarcane plantation history; several workers lived and farmed here for many years. One good result from the plantation’s development is that the workers planted an abundance of fruit trees that still fruit regularly. For example, we have several old and large fruit trees like avocado, lychee, mango, mountain apple, banana, coconut, macadamia nut, pomelo, guava. 

What we grow on the farm

From 2014-2021, we’ve planted over 400 tropical fruit trees and created a 3,000 square foot vegetable garden. The ʻĀina Exotics Big Island fruit farm contains 3 recently incorporated orchards, vegetable gardens, and food forests. For the past few years we have worked hard to cultivate the land using organic farming practices, permaculture techniques, and agroforestry. 

Our fruit trees that we planted 7 years ago are finally putting our their first flushes of fruit. We sell our fruits  wholesale and retail when in season. We also are beginning to offer a selection of seeds, cuttings and plants.