Banana Plants / Banana Keiki for sale on Big island

Banana plants for sale Hawaii island, Big island, Banana Keiki
Misi luki / Mysore have beautiful purple stems

Aloha – we are currently sold out of all banana keiki. We will resume sale of potted banana plants later this year. If you want to be added to a waiting list please contact us.

~These are “BARE-ROOT” (suckers), cleaned, trimmed & ready to plant in the ground within a day or two of receiving them
~often the corm is intact, but is WITHOUT VISIBLE ROOTS – this is perfectly viable and will produce healthy plants.
~The size of the keiki has little to do with the health of the keiki or the rate of growth. We harvest from what we have available – first come first serve for size – We aim for medium size but sometimes only have smaller ones of certain varieties that sell out quickly.

See our notes & advice on planting bananas.

Apple banana $20 (Brazilian, Tall Apple, AAB) – Classic Hawaiian Apple Banana. Very vigorous and disease resistant. Large racks of sweet tangy bananas on large trunks.

Mysore $20 (Misi Luki, ‘sweet lady finger’, ‘Pisang Ceylon AAB)very sweet dessert variety with a thin skin & short, fat fruit. Tall & vigorous, forms large clumps fast, very hardy.  It bears  compact bunches of medium sized bright yellow fruits.  Great for wind breaks.

(LIMITED STOCK) Saba plantain $35 (‘Opoʻulu’, ‘Dippig’.– ABB/BBB) medium sized as far as height, medium to large racks of plantain style bananas, very productive, can be used green as a starch banana, excellent dipped in tapioca flour and fried in coconut oil. Also great steamed or baked. Or let Saba bananas ripen to full maturity (yellow-brown) where they can sweet be eaten raw with a sweet, citrus -like quality or can be cooked like a sweet plantain. Saba bananas are just as good as a fully ripe Puerto Rican plantain but way more productive and less demanding. More resistant to borer beetle damage than any plantain we have tried.

(SOLD OUT) Ice cream banana $35 (Blue Java) Beautiful silver blue medium/large racks when unripe. Noted for being creamy, fluffy, with overtones of vanilla. Has a growth habit of leaning slightly sideways and are not very tall plants. 

(NEW! Limited supply) Dwarf Chinese $35 (Dwarf Cavendish, Williams, AAA) 4 to 7 ft  tall, hardy and wind resistant. Good quality, medium size fruit, thin-skinned. Locally, these are often cooked to make pastele masa when green/under ripe. When they ripen they produce bananas like those seen in commercial markets all over the world.

We also have cuttings and seeds for sale. Minimum order is $20. We can meet most days & times in Pāpaʻaloa / Lāupahoehoe (MM 24 on Hwy 19). Or we go into Hilo about every 1-2 weeks and can meet at the USPS in the airport.

Pictures of Banana Varieties