Chaya cuttings for sale

Chaya cuttings grow very easily in Hawaii. Its Latin name is Cnidoscolus aconitifolius and is also know as Tree Spinach and the Mayan Miracle Plant. It is a fast growing, perennial plant that is somewhat drought tolerant, but also very tolerant of heavy rains. It grows to only about 6-8 feet tall and if planted close together can be maintained as an edible hedge.

chaya cuttings for sale

The leaves are more nutritious than any other land-based leafy green. Chaya leaves contain a toxic compound when raw and should be boiled 20 minutes before eating to deactivate it. Also, when cooked in aluminum it creates a toxic reaction that can cause diarrhea.

If you order chaya cuttings from us you will receive a 6-12 inch “woody” or thicker stem. These strike readily if placed directly in the ground and watered regularly. They may be harvested after the 1st year.