Adam Crowe, certified in permaculture design, has 9 years experience in agroforestry, food forests, and tropical gardening. He is available for both phone and local Big Island (Hawaii Island) consultations. 

Ready to experience true abundance? 
Looking to fast track your property into a tropical fruit lovers paradise? 
Want alternative methods for planting and maintaining diverse eco systems of edible plants?

During the consultation you will learn:

What sites on your property are ideal for planting specific types of food.

How to clear, prepare and plant your space for food forests or edible landscaping.

Economical methods for gathering materials and sources for plants.

Which plants are ideal for your location, soil type, and climate.

How to design your space for maximum yield with minimum maintenance.


$30/hr phone consultation (minimum 1 hour)
$50/hr site visit including $25/hr travel time to site (minimum 1.5 hour consultation)
**We may also be able to help collecting plants, materials, and in the installation process. Please contact us for more information**