Cuban oregano cuttings for sale

Cuban oregano cuttings grow extremely easily in the tropics. The latin name is Plectranthus amboinicus, and it is also known as Spanish Thyme, Mexican Mint, and Indian Borage. It is not in the oregano family. Instead, it is a semi- succulent perennial plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae (mint) family. This plant has juicy, fragrant leaves.

cuban oregano cuttings for sale

For planting, it can make a good ground cover when combined with other ground covers, as it is very vigorous. It roots very easily from cuttings with little intervention. From our personal experience with this plant, it is useful as part of a multi-support plant strategy for weed prevention around fruit tree cages and more mature trees.

Culinary uses

In the kitchen, it can be used as a substitute for regular oregano. However, due to its high water content, it is much less strong than oregano per weight. Meaning, you have to use several large leaves to achieve an oregano flavor.

It is perfect to cover up the gameness of strong wilder meats and fish. Also, West Indian peoples use cuban oregano as one of the key spices to make jerk chicken. We have used cuban oregano in the kitchen in Italian dishes and to add a little greenery to egg dishes like frittata, fried rice, etc. We have even battered the leaves in breadcrumbs and pan-fried them.

Medicinal Uses

Traditionally, cuban oregano was grown mostly for it’s medicinal use as a tea. The tea is reputed to: aid digestion, constipation, help with coughs and colds as an expectorant. It also has antibiotic properties, has been taken for headaches and to expel kidney stones. For more information see link below for

Cuban oregano cuttings

If you buy cuban oregano cuttings from us you will receive about 1 foot long cuttings. with some of the leaves still attached. When you are ready to plant, make a furrow and cover most of the plant (lengthwise) with dirt with some of the tip or flowers sticking out of the ground. For best results, water regularly until you exhibit new growth.

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