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Dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana’ for sale

These Dracaena fragrans plants originated in Tropical Africa. The upright, unbranched stems with broad evergreen leaves have a wide, central yellow stripe. They also have extremely fragrant flowers that are occasionally produced and open during the evening.

In colder climates the Massangeana is grown mostly indoors as a house plant.  However, in Hawaiʻi, this Dracaena can grow as high as 20 feet tall! Ours are about 14 feet tall. This means that in addition to being and ornamental it can also be grown as a wind break, hedge or accent plant. Moreover, the leaves are actually nicer shades of green and yellow when it is in at least partial shade. But this plant also tolerates full sun.

Propagation of Massangeana cuttings:

This plant and most other Dracaena grow easily from cuttings. You can either just use the top cuttings (about 8 inches) or you can keep going down the stem making at least 8 inch sections with at least a few nodes. 

Place all your cuttings and stem sections in water or soil and be patient.  It takes a little longer for the stem sections to root than the top cuttings.   Roots should start appearing at the bottom nodes, while any nodes at the top will start swelling and producing new leaf shoots.


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