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Fig Tree Cuttings for Sale on Big Island (dwarf variety)

We are selling fig cuttings from the Little Miss Figgy Variety (a dwarf). Great tree to have in your yard on on your homestead. This variety is very hearty in the tropics (especially rainy Hāmākua) and produces excellent fruit.

Figs are drought tolerant, and strike readily from cuttings. In Hawaii, they can be grown almost anywhere. It only take a few years for them to begins fruiting and within 3-4 years you get a very decent harvest. The harvest is staggered so it makes a wonderful grazing fruit for snacking and entertaining guests.

If you order fig cuttings from us and you will receive about a 6″ woody cutting. Fig cuttings will root best placed in moist sterile potting media with a plastic bag or ziplock humidity dome over pot.  This can be placed on a shaded windowsill or in shade until rooted. After about 1 month check bottom of pot for emerging roots and transplant to larger pot, water heavily and place in sun until ready for planting. Fig bags can be used once fruiting to protect harvests from pesky birds.