Katuk (Sauropus androgynus) cuttings for sale

Katuk strikes very well from cuttings. It is an edible, understory plant – great for polyculture, food forests and permaculture planting. In the tropics and subtropics it is perennial. Therefore, it is a wonderful plant to grow in shady areas, or areas with partial sun. It may get leggy and spindly if left alone. It’s leaves grow better when the plant is regularly pruned. Which is why, if planted close together it can form a sort of edible hedge.

The leaves and flowers are said to have a “pea like” flavor. Other’s have described it as nutty, like a peanut. The leaves have almost 10% protein content. You can eat the leaves, young shoots, and flowers. Some people eat the leaves raw. If you choose to do this only eat a small portion raw. This is because some researcher have concluded that a lot of raw or partially cooked katuk may be responsible for lung issues. Hence, if you are cooking them, cook them well. Katuk is Vitamin A and Vitamin C and has dietary calcium and iron.

If order katuk cuttings from us, you will receive a 6-8 inch cutting from the semi woody, but still green part of the plant. It will have almost all the leaves clipped off. Katuk strikes readily from cuttings planted directly in partial sun or shade and watered regularly until you see new growth.

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