Mulberry trees or Mulberry cuttings for sale

Mulberry trees are perfect for the backyard gardener, homestead or farm. They are often used in permaculture and polyculture plantings. Mulberry trees are also very drought tolerant, grow in a variety of soils, and prefer full sun! So, they are consequently, pretty low maintenance.

Mulberries may fruit several times a year. They are perfect for snacking, making jam, sauces, or adding to your cereal, oatmeal, chia bowl etc!

Mulberries strike pretty easily from cuttings. If you buy planted mulberry tree from us you will receive a 1 gallon grow bag with a Mulberry cutting that has rooted since over 4 months ago and it ready for planting out.

If you choose to order mulberry cuttings from us you will receive 6 inch cuttings with at least 1 node and most of the bottoms leaves and buds snipped off.

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