Online links and resources 

This online link and resources page is a collection of our top information sources for several subjects including rare plants and fruit, agroforestry, edible landscape design, permaculture etc. Much of the information is available for free. Contact us if you have other good links to add : ) 

Radio Interviews with ʻĀina Exotics owner, Adam Crowe

WIOX Radio: Farm Hour with Ellen Wong

Part 1: Interview with Adam Crowe (start around minute 29:30). Topics include: his journey to farming, seed companies like Baker Creek and seed savers like Joe Simcox and Coconut Chris, the challenges of farming in the tropics and on Big Island Hawaiʻi during rainy season; remediation of soil using permaculture and agroforestry techniques, using leguminous trees as support species, the benefits of mulching and sourcing mulch. 

Part 2: Interview with Adam Crowe: Clips from Part 1 (~8:00-23:00), Adam’s original music, “For Jane (25:15-30:15), using cover crops to prevent soil erosion, dealing with wild boars, creating permaculture and food forest systems, tropical perennial greens, education programs like USDA Beginning Farmer’s Course, Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Design Certification Course and more. 

Part 3: Interview with Adam Crowe: Clips from Part 1 & 2, what exotic fruits are grown on the farm,    keeping the passion for farming alive, importance of diversity in small scale farming, importance of farming community, the bridges between farming in the tropics and farming in the temperate climates, sheet mulching and more. 

Links about tropical fruit:

Links about Agroforestry and Permaculture

Links about plants and edible landscaping: