Plant cuttings for sale

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Min order $40, mix and match

Starting plant cuttings has several benefits

  • It’s economical, easy & fast – cuttings are much less expensive than potted plants, can be cared for indoors or outdoors, and can root quicker than seeds.
  • Less spread of weeds, pests, and diseases to your garden – soil-free cuttings avoid some of the “dangers” of introducing potted plants to your homestead.
  • It’s empowering and self-sufficient. Once you learn – you can propagate more of your own plants from the cuttings

Below you will find instructions and guidance for starting your own cuttings based on our trial and error successes! We’ve been acquiring cuttings and planting them in Hawaii for 8 years and counting. Below we break up our inventory into easy to strike, moderate-care, and cuttings requiring humidity.  If you buy from us, we are also happy to answer your questions and provide guidance. We are not responsible for cuttings that do not strike.

For more information, click on individual plants for pictures, details, and how to plant cuttings. Scroll to the bottom for meet-up and ordering information.  

Directions for all plant cuttings:

~Cuttings should be planted ASAP upon receipt. For softer, smaller cuttings, that usually means that day, for larger woodier cuttings, at most 2 days.

~ALMOST all cuttings must be planted “up” – as it was before it was cut. Pay attention to how you receive cuttings from us and keep them pointed in the up direction when you plant.
~(Cuban oregano, sweet potato and sort of be planted on their side but up still works best.)

“Easy to Strike” Plant Cuttings for Sale

These cuttings will root readily in non-sterile soil, both outside, directly in the ground and in pots. If you are planting mainly outside, strike a few in pots just to account for external variables like flooding, drought, boar damage, etc. Keep the soil moist and lightly mulch soil to help retain moisture. Most “easy to strike” cuttings will show new growth within 1-2 weeks.

Easy to strike – edible cuttings

Edible Hibiscus
~Large leaf – $3/cutting – non-flowering, edible perennial, nutritious green tolerant of rain and drought.
~7 point leaf ʻlucky seven’ (SOLD OUT) $5/cutting – flowering, edible perennial, nutritious green tolerant of rain and drought.

Chaya – $3/cutting – grows to be a small tree or shrub, abundant, often called “tree spinach.”

Katuk – $3/cutting – raw or cooked edible greens and tender shoots for cooking, has a distinct peanut taste, perennial shrub grows to 6 feet, full sun or shade.

Sissoo spinach Brazilian spinach – $3/cutting – great for low laying ground covers, edges, borders to paths, edible small leaves cooked just like spinach, perennial.

Okinawan spinach – easy to grow, perennial edible green, attractive and great addition to permaculture systems, under story, food forest etc.
$2/cutting for green only variety
$3/cutting for purple/green variety)

Cassava  ($3/cutting)– excellent root crop, high yielding, eaten like a potato (fries, steamed, in soup, grated as hash browns, or made into flour), annual, take cuttings from previous crop for next crop.

Clove Basil – ($3/cutting) – aromatic like cloves, grows into large bushes in the sun, for use in teas. Perennial.

African Blue Basil ($2/cutting) – beautiful in the landscape, bright blue leaves depending on the sun/shade/combo. Great for use in tea, or cooking, Bees are HIGHLY attracted to the flowers. Perennial.

Cuban Oregano ($1/cutting) – great for growing around trees, around your garden, borders, or just a few plants for use in culinary dishes. Used similar to oregano in cooking with more diverse culinary applications. Perennial.

Variegated Cuban Oregano (SOLD OUT ) ($2/cutting) same as above but pretty and variegated.

Sweet potato slips ($1.50 a slip)

Easy to Strike Ornamental/Landscaping/Permaculture Plant Cuttings for sale

Vetiver – (SOLD OUT) clump of 20+ divisions $20 – landscaping/permaculture/great for soil stabilization on slopes

Coleus – ($1/cutting) – ornamental/permaculture, beautiful to inter-plant in edges, borders, around houses.

Gliricidia $5 for large woody cuttings – permaculture, nitrogen fixing, “mother of cacao”/ excellent for providing quick growing shade for other crops, then great to chop and drop for mulch and releases nitrogen into the soil.

Panax ($4/cutting) landscaping, tall compact privacy hedges or windbreaks, full sun to shade.

Mexican Sunflower / Tithonia diversifolia ($3/cutting) – beautiful for borders, hedges, edges, chop and drop mulch for permaculture.

Blue ginger (Dichorisandra thyrsiflora) – ($3/cutting) tropical ornamental flowering plant

Moderate-care cuttings

These cuttings are best rooted in pots in sterile media like Sunshine Mix # 4. They can be placed in part sun and part shade and kept moist until new growth emerges. Once lush new growth emerges, place them in full sun until they are transplanted. When you first see roots emerging from the bottom of the pot, they are ready to transplant. Avoid keeping them past this stage so they don’t become root bound.

Edible Moderate-care Cutting

Mulberry ($5/cutting) – one of the best berries to grow in the tropics, fruits on and off year round. A permaculture favorite for your backyard. Easy to maintain.

Purple Tulsi Holy Basil ($2/cutting) – grows to 3-4 feet, herbaceous shrub, seeds heads and leaves make a tasty purple tea. Many health benefits. Perennial, prefers full sun.

Rose geranium ($2/cutting) – rose scented leaves perfect for infusing rose scent/flavor in teas, oils, vinegar, jams, syrups.

Thorn-less Naranjilla ($6/cutting) – rare thornless variety of Narajilla. Fruits in as little as 1 year, life span 1-4 years. Small fuzzy orange fruits, renown for juicy, fragrant and pleasantly tart flesh.

Red tree tomato ($3/cutting)

Ornamental Moderate-care Cuttings

Croton – ($3/cutting) – ornamental, beautiful foliage that varies in color according to how much sun or shade it gets.

Hawaiian Snow Bush ($3/cutting) – (SOLD OUT) ornamental/landscaping, if managed can create shorter, bush like hedges.

Song of India Dracaena reflexa ($3/cutting), impressive ornamental that grows to be a tall shrub, favored in flower arrangements in Hawaii. Attractive planted on property borders and near houses (not too close!)

Humidity Requiring Cuttings

These cuttings should be placed in sterile media, and benefit from rooting in a plastic bag, clear tupperware/storage tote  or a misting house in part shade. They can be treated with a rooting hormone for even better success. Rooting hormones can be found in powders or gel form, the cut end of the cutting is dipped and then planted.

Fig – ($5/cutting) Figs are well adapted Hawaii climate, we sell the variety “Little Miss Figgy”. Fruits several times a year. Excellent addition to your backyard or garden.

Meet up Information:

We can meet most days and times at the Pāpaʻaloa Country Store & Cafe (~mile marker 24 on Hwy 19) with at least 1 days notice. 12-3pm times are best but we can try to work with your timing.

*We typically go into Hilo every 1-2 weeks and can sometimes meet customers at prearranged time and place at our convenience.

We accept Venmo or Paypal ahead of time or cash upon receipt.

We are officially ʻĀina Exotics LLC, all of our items have tax included in the price, we are happy to provide digital receipts if you would like and promise to honor all sales.