Recommended equipment

Farming and gardening effectively is dependent on efficient equipment. Below we give you several links to affordable products you can and should use in your home garden or small scale farm.

These tomato cages are great for tomatoes and cucumbers! Easy to assemble and long lasting. 

Grow Sun Tomato Support Cages

Hardpan Broadfork from Johnny’s Seeds 

We use the broadfork in our garden beds this instead of a tiller. It helps break up the soil, without turning it, without disturbing microbial life in the soil. 

Clean Water Fun Garden hose filter – this filter has been 3rd party tested to filter out chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, pesticides, and herbicides. 

Silky landscaping saw “SUGOI” This helps us with everything, from pruning, to cutting down banana racks, chop and drop mulching etc. It is quality and stands up to lots of rugged use, after years this hand saw is great condition. The blades are replaceable, which is key because no blade lasts forever. 

  Silky Hayate Pole saw – Holy moly pole saw, if you ever need to cut down fruit 40 feet up in the tree you can!