Scented Rose Geranium Cuttings for Sale

Rose geranium is one of the many scented geraniums. They grow well in several different climates and are easy to propagate from cuttings. You can root geranium cuttings in moist sterile media in indirect sunlight, or in water inside. Rose geranium has showy purple flowers and foliage that can be used for culinary purposes. They are great container plants, hanging baskets, or planted outside as a beautiful and aromatic addition to your landscape or garden.

In Hawaii, we believe we are one of the few that grow rose geranium. Most commonly, people grow it’s relative, the citronella geranium, (for mosquitos). The rose type has a much more pleasant scent and can be quite delicious in beverages. For example, fermented beverages like kombucha and jun. Other applications are ice-teas, scented frostings, etc. Plus, it just looks cool and smells good when your showing off your collection to your plant friends.