Loquat seeds


Loquat seeds are recalcitrant – and must be planted fresh without drying out. Our seeds are shipped fresh the same day of harvest and sent packed in plastic bags with moist vermiculite medium which aids in the germination process while they are on route. These are sent in padded envelopes from our farm in Hawaii. Can usually ship within 1-3 business days.

Latin name: Eriobotrya japonica

Family: Rosaceae

Loquats are cultivated both for their fruits which have a subtle tangy and juicy flavor as well as for ornamental trees. Commonly grafted, but difficult to find in most places, you can also plant them from seed. The fruits just aren’t guaranteed to share the exact same qualities as the parent tree. These seeds come from a 8 year old grafted Loquat tree of the “Mammoth” cultivar.

In temperature climates, they fruit at different times of the year depending on the location, however in our tropical lowland climate they fruit multiple times a year.

The medium sized tree can reach up to 20-30 feet but you cant also keep it smaller with regular pruning. The trees also remain upright and compact, making them a nice addition to your landscape as they are often in a state of flowering or fruiting.

Planting instructions: Plant loquat seeds as soon as they arrive, in sterile * moist medium and place them in a sunny location making sure not to let the soil dry out.

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