Work-trade opportunity April 2019

Aloha! We have a work-trade opportunity on our Big Island fruit tree farm and nursery. We are looking for a responsible and experienced individual to work 8-10 hours a week in exchange for rent-free living in a private and off-grid hale.

Please read the below and if you are interested email Katie at with a completed application and proof of health insurance (or intent to apply for Med-Quest).

Link to application: work-trade application 2019

Or cut and paste application below into email.

Description for ʻĀina Exotics Farm Work-Trade

We are looking for a long-term resident caretaker for as early mid-March 2019.

This is a beginning farm (6 years old), in the mid-term stages of landscaping, and acquiring plant diversity, vegetable gardening, fruit tree planting, and raising and selling nursery plants. At this point, we are not selling our produce or fruits regularly, but we do sell wholesale fruit trees and permaculture plants.

ʻĀina Exotics is a 10.5 acre farmland on the Hāmākua Coast of Hawaiʻi Island (Big Island) owned and run by Adam & Katie Crowe. It is an old plantation property with existing old forest and old ginormous fruit trees. Now, the property is being planted with an abundance of tropical fruit trees, edible perennials, and annual vegetables. We also have 3 long-term housing rentals with awesome renters & their pets, along with our own 2 grazing cows and our cat.

Work-trade expectations:

8-10 hours of work per week. Work will mostly be maintenance related activities like mowing, weed whacking, and weeding.

  • But may alternatively include planting trees, planting seeds, mulching plants, & other farm property maintenance related tasks.
  • There may be opportunities for profit sharing from vegetable, fruit, or fruit trees sales and/or paid work extension based on experience and need.

We are manifesting someone who is:

  • Friendly, intelligent, honest, & easy to communicate with
  • Knowledgeable & intuitive with plants and land
  • Can problem solve (diagnosing issues, fixing mowers, weed whackers)
  • Organized and able follow through with a weekly/monthly schedule
  • In good health and fit, able to complete various manual labor jobs

ʻĀina Exotics Work-Trade Application 2019

name:__________________________   age: __________ sex: ________

current or mailing address:___________________________________________

phone:_______________________ email:__________________________________

desired start date ____________________________________

emergency contact name and number: __________________________________________

Living and farming in the tropics is hard work that requires physical strength and stamina, we ask that anyone who applies be aware of this and ready both physically and mentally to work hard and maintain a positive attitude.

  1. Will you have travel insurance and/or health insurance coverage for your stay while on our farm? Please send a picture or scanned copy of your government ID (or drivers license) and copy of health insurance card).

Those who don’t have can apply for Hawaii State Health Insurance – Hawaii Medquest.

  1. Outline (with resume-style detail) your experiences working outdoors, working on farms, caretaking, etc.
  2. Do you consider yourself physically fit and capable of working 8-10 hours a week of physical labor?
  3. Lists all the types of tools, gardening methods, etc. that you have experience with:
  4. List which methods you would like to learn more about
  5. Other skills, hobbies, interests you want to share with us
  6. Do you have any health-related issues we should know that would affect your work on the farm? Ex. Allergies, previous or current injuries that affect your ability carry weight, bend over, etc.
  7. Where else have you traveled?
  8. List any professional degrees, certificates, studies etc.
  9. Please give us at least 2 references, both professional as possible
  10. Please let us know if you have any other questions or comments below:

By signing here, I certify that all the information above I have included is true and that I have read the information at the top of the application


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